Rubio Laughs Off Trump???s ???Care Package???

As the fight between GOP hopefuls Donald Trump and Marco Rubio heats up, it seems the Trump campaign thought Rubio might need a little help cooling off.

On Monday, the Trump campaign sent Rubios Washington office a special care package, with 24 bottles of water with Trumps face on them and the words Trump Ice Natural Spring Water. Also in the care package: two Make America Great Again towels, bumper stickers, and a note reading, Since youre always sweating, we thought you could use some water. Enjoy!

Apparently the water is very high quality water. Its top notch water that he sent us, Rubio said Tuesday morning on NBC. So were grateful for the gift.

In 2013, Marco Rubios State of the Union response went viral after he interrupted his speech to chug some water.

Rubio and his team embraced the event. At one point, they were even trying to raise money off of it, selling signed water bottles online.

Now Rubio always has a bottle of water handy on the campaign trail. At an event in Cedar Falls this week, he showed Fox News his speech routine.

Water for my throat, especially. It starts to hurt at the end of the day for some reason, said Rubio. Especially on a lot of planes."

This isnt the first time Trump has attacked Rubio for getting too thirsty or sweating too much. Following the second GOP debate, Trump said of Rubio he sweats more than any young person I've ever seen in my life.

Rubio responded by joking, I really want to take a sip of water but, Donald Trump will make fun of me!

Asked on Tuesday how he felt about Trumps prank care package, Rubio seemed to imply he was unimpressed.

I dont know. It is what it is, he told Fox. I drink water. So what? And I only sweat when its hot.

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